Student Ministries

  • Partnering with Parents

    Before we explain any more about what JSM is all about, we want to make sure one thing is clear.  We believe that in any students’ life, and especially where their spiritual development is concerned, this is true...

    The influence of a family is greater than the influence of the church.

    Here’s another way to phrase it... What happens at home is more important than what happens at church

    Parents are the main spiritual influencers in their student’s life!  We believe that the church and the parents must partner together to raise students who follow Christ.  We desire to help encourage and equip parents to be effective in leading their students in the home.  We look forward to partnering with Involved parents to see students become strong followers of Christ.

    Here are a few ways we connect with parents:

    • Facebook prescence, check us out on facebook to stay up to date with all ministry events,series etc.
    • Yearly parent Meeting - A meeting with the goal to keep parents up to date with the vision and direction of the ministry.
    • Parent Night - A night where students and leaders serve the parents.  Dinner is served, we want to get to know you and thank you for all you do.
    • Open communication - Email us anytime at the email provided below. Or call Christian or any of the other leaders at any time.  We want to hear from you!

     The 5 Principles

    We strive to achieve these 5 principles at Journey SM

    1: Be Present

    Connect their Faith to a community. We want to create a consistent atmosphere where we are always there.

    2: Create a Safe Place

    We value acceptance, confidentiality and honesty. JSM is a place to be open honest and safe. (although life threatening situation will be immediately reported). All our volunteers are fingerprinted and Adequately trained before stepping in with the kids.

    3: Partnering with The Parents

    We want to work with you not against you. As parents, we value and respect all decisions made by the parents. We want to team with you to help grow your child’s faith and not infringe on family time.

    4: Make it Personal

    We strive to live out our faith by example. We are not trying to be “friends” rather want to show an authentic lifestyle where we all learn grow and live out authentic faith.

    5: Move Them Out

    We want to equip students to move on to the next stage in life as smoothly as possible. We want students engaging in the “big” church with their families.