Join INFILTRATE Coffeehouse Conversations


Thursday Nights @ 6:30pm. Journey Community Church in the GROUNDED Coffeehouse.
Live Worship - Bible Study - Real Conversation
(Every 3rd Thursday - Community Outreach Project)


There are several things that INFILTRATE is, and there are several things that INFILTRATE is not.
1. INFILTRATE is about Jesus, but it isn’t church

We are about Jesus because we’ve found that with Jesus there is hope.  There is life.  There are answers for our questions.

We at INFILTRATE love the church and respect the church.  Yet, we realize that for some, there are aspects of the church that raises questions about the institution of the church. 

A lot of people come to church seeking answers to their questions, only to find that they receive no answers – partly because they are never allowed to ask their questions.

This is what makes INFILTRATE unique.  We want to hear your questions.
2. INFILTRATE is about open/honest dialogue…about the important questions you want answered.

INFILTRATE is not about a preacher telling you how to live and what to do.

During our events, we encourage attenders to ask questions – relevant to the topic – so that we can address your questions. 

We don’t have all the answers…and we won’t pretend like we do.  But we are willing to explore and discover the answers with you.
3. INFILTRATE is Community Centered.

We are not isolated from our community.

We love northern Nevada and we want to serve the people of northern Nevada.  We love getting out into our community and helping others. 

At INFILTRATE, we don’t just talk about doing good things; we actually go out and do them.
4. INFILTRATE celebrates Creative Expression.

We don’t squash it.

Our events celebrate the arts.  We love good music.  We love good art.  We feel that God is creative and He created us to be creative as well. 

INFILTRATE is the battle cry of generations.  INFILTRATE is what God’s people should be doing – sharing God’s love, introducing hope, and changing the world. 

INFILTRATE refuses the status quo.  We recognize that for many, going to church does not seem all that appealing.  At INFILTRATE, we are seeking God’s design.  We are seeking out what Jesus asks us to become.  Not what religion tells us to be.

INFILTRATE is an invitation…We are inviting you to discover what we have found in Jesus.   Not a list of rules and religion, but a relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  It is an opportunity for a new life, a new world apart from the mundane, and a new hope that there is something beyond this existence.

INFILTRATE is about serving our community, not condemning it.  It is about introducing light into darkness…and love instead of despair. 

INFILTRATE IS ABOUT JESUS.  For it is in Him that we find love, hope, life, peace…


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