Discipleship Ministry


Life groups are an extension of the local church just as the local church is an extension of the universal church. Jesus, himself, gathered around Him a small group of men who would later transform the world. At its core, a Life group is simply a gathering of Spirit-indwelt people who have intentional, growing relationships with the Lord and each other, and they use these relationships to help fulfill Christ’s mission for the church.
At Journey, life groups have developed in a variety of ways. Some life groups have developed casually through individuals serving together: cleaning crew, worship team. Other life groups have developed with more intention: Coffee House Conversations, Home Groups, Leadership Team. However they have developed, life groups are essential to sustaining a healthy, growing church.
In our Life Groups there are three elements that we intentionally try to include: Connecting People, Changing Lives, Cultivating the Kingdom.
If you are interested in joining a Life Group, please see the list of our groups to the right and contact the Life Group Leader.