Journey DNA

Imperfect people finding a relationship with the perfect God.

We are confident that God has called us to build bridges into the community of Fernley to meet the needs of families and those who feel they are walking this earth alone. We want to help the kids build healthy relationships with each other and with Jesus. We want moms and dads to know that they can count on the Church to help them with their everyday life. We want people to discover and fulfill their purpose in life that permeates into their home life, their occupation and their social life.

Journey Community wants to build a place where kids can come and find relationships, learn about the things of life that will help insure their success in school and in their future. We want to provide tutoring for the child who is struggling in school. We want to provide a safe environment for kids to come after school and on weekends. We want to be a church that is all about kids.

We want to help moms and dads be encouraged in their life as a parent, a provider and a role model. We want to provide training in financial understanding and a godly understanding of our responsibility of handling our money. We want to help parents grow in their training and providing godly direction for their family. We want to be a church that is here to support and encourage the core of the family.

We want to help single moms find help in the challenge of raising kids alone. We want to help meet their needs when it comes to everyday life. We want to provide things like simple car maintenance, home maintenance, and basic life skills. We want to be a church that can provide a place for people to turn when they are in need.

We want to help those who are at the end of their rope when it comes to any area of their life. Sometimes our own understanding and resources are just not enough and we need the help of others, but unfortunately don't know where to turn. We want to be a church where those who have unmet needs can come and find the help they need.

Our hope and prayer is to be a church of irresistible influence (I2). Our hope is that Fernley will be convinced that God loves them through the actions of Journey Community. We will teach the truth of the Bible and we will live it out in our actions and ministry. After all, if the church is not involved in the community, then what's the point?

Come and be a part of this dynamic church. Your life will never be the same!