Journey Beliefs

About the Bible
We believe that the 66 books of the Holy Bible are true and without error in the original manuscripts.

About God
We believe that there is one God and that he has revealed Himself not only as the Father of all creation, but also through His only begotten Son, Jesus. And he continues to reveal Himself through His Holy Spirit.

About Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus was both fully human and fully God. He is to be worshiped, praised, and adored (along with the Father and Holy Spirit) not only for what He has done, but also for who He is – the “Son of God” and “God the Son.” He was born to a virgin. he completely fulfilled all righteousness. He was tempted and never sinned. Humanity rejected Him and therefore suffered a cruel death by crucifixion on a cross and became the great sacrifice of God “to take away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). He rose from the dead on the third day. This gave Him triumph over Satan, hell and death. That triumph is available to anyone through the name of Jesus.

About the Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity.

About Salvation
We believe people are made in the image of God and salvation is offered ONLY through Jesus. People are the supreme object of God's affection, and the pinnacle of His creation.

Although every person has tremendous potential for good, all of us are marred by an attittude of disobedience toward God called “sin.” This “sin” separates people from God and is the root cause of many problems we face in life. The penalty for our sin is eternal separation from God. We believe Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sin, and by this to give us eternal life. This salvation is a free gift by God's grace.

 About Eternity
We believe that death is final and that seals the destiny of each person. We will either exist eternally separated from God, because of sin, or eternally with God through his forgiveness and salvation.

About the Church
We believe that the church is the body of Christ and is the means by which He intends to reach a world without hope. The Bible commands believers to gather together to devote themselves to worship and prayer, to the teaching of the Word and to the observance of baptism and communion. It also commands that we gather for fellowship and service to the body, through the development and use of talents and gifts, and through outreach to the world.

About Faith and Practice
Scripture is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. This church recognizes that it cannot bind the conscience of individual members in areas where Scripture is silent. Rather, each believer is to be led in those areas by the Lord, to whom he or she alone is ultimately responsible.